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I have burnt myself a Michael CD! Big deal, you're probably thinking, but by god, I made a label for it as well.

Well, it's not that special. It's just the photo off the official site, the track listings (all his songs and the group performances off Idol in reverse chronological order), and "...still my idol..." "Live on NZ Idol" "Michael Murphy" on it in the font they use for the Idol logos. But still. :)

And people on IdolBlog are talking about a Michael sandwich. As the sole nominee for Most Calm and Rational Michael Fan on IdolBlog, I have to restrain myself from talking about the Michael sandwich too much.

But! This is not IdolBlog. So I get to drool.

Mmm, Michael sandwich...
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Hah. I think I beat you in the Most Calm and Rational Michael fan stakes because I haven't even seen the Michael sandwich thread. Lol.

And you have that font? I have been looking for it EVERYWHERE! I wants it my preciiiiiiiioussssssssss! *puppy dog eyes*
That would be because it's not a "Wheee, Michael sandwich! I'm a hysterical fangirl!!!!1!!11!" thread, it's the "what moment in nz idol1 do u still laugh at...." thread. :)

The font they use is Kaufmann Bold MT. But I'm guessing they made a speshul Z for NZ Idol, because it's different from the one in the actual logo. Oh well.