Blowholehidieho's Graphics (blowholehidieho) wrote in michaelmurphy,
Blowholehidieho's Graphics

Just a picture <3

This is a picture that was in the new Woman's Day magazine of Ben's secret B day party, I thought it was cute *sigh*

EDITSorry that it looks crappy
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aww they are so cute
I know arent they?
If being homosexual wasn't against the whole religion thing, Ben and Michael should so totally date.
Yes, I agree. Oh my gosh yes.
I have begun to write "Get on your Bikey!" very small on the backs of social studies sheets we're not meant to write on.
thats not fair, they can't do that. ive already been thru the bit about thinking he's gay plz dont do it to me, i luv him to much. but da pic is a good one of MIKE.